Secure yourself

I was analyzing some software products to secure my PC, data and network. I've analyzed many of very good and major software products such as:
All of them has their own pros and cons, but the things I most dislike in all of them are:
  • Require lots of system resources.
  • Slows down a lot PC.
  • Not comfortable configuration.
  • Not a good compromise between advanced options and non-technical user.
I tried to find all-in-one solutuion and all of them have very, very similar features. Sometimes my mind gets a thought "who stoles whose" or "what a great deal between companies". I just want to notice that it I was looking for a good Desktop solution for me, but not a Server's one. For the last one I believe that Kerio is one of the best (if not the best). So, I decided also having a look at some stand alone solutions. After some test I decided to have following software installed instead of all-in-one solution:
These two packets work much faster on my PC (AthlonXP 2800 Barton, 512 MB RAM) than all-in-one packets. Also they provide more configuration abilities that allow me to have most reasonable for me settings. Also there's very good security value within these two programs see:
The only valuable thing I'm missing is an Anti-Spam system. So I'm already waiting for free antispam program from agnitum. They were writing about it in Agnitum Directions (31 October, 2006). Here's what they say:
We have been asked by many of our users for a powerful but easy-to-use utility to fight spam. We all know how tedious it is to dig through tons of spam to find the email you actually want to read. So, to help you fight spam, we are developing a new product called Agnitum Spam Terrier.
But anyway I'm not happy enough with client-side antispam because of I get all spam in my mail client and should at least have a look at them for not to lose some important letter (that Anti-Spam system may wrongly determine as spam).