What realy "Web 2.0" is...

Web 2.0 is new generation of web based applications. Key Principles In the opening talk of the first web 2.0 conference, Tim O’Reily and John Battelle summarized key principles of web 2.0 applications:
  1. Web as platform, reach out to the entire web not just the center.
  2. Harnessing collective intelligence, turning the web into a kind of global brain.
  3. Data is the next Intel inside.
  4. End of Software release cycle, i.e. Operations must become a core competency and Users must be treated as co-developers, in a reflection of open source development practices.
  5. Lightweight programming models to build loosely coupled systems and allow syndication.
  6. Software above the level of a single device i.e. not limited to any specific platform, technology and devices.
  7. Rich user experience i.e. enabling user to use web as a medium to collaborate, classify and editing etc.
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