A glance at MonoRail Framework

I very often read/post at Borland ECO newsgroup and last week I saw a post from Peter Morris about ECO "extension" for MonoRail. Honestly saying I was surprised and thought "what's new this guy had invented". And didn't pay attention at the MonoRail that day. I always know Peter is very innovative and "Object Oriented" guy. And I like his ideas a lot... My knowledge leak about MonoRail was not leaving me. I felt I have to take a look at that at least. As always, feeling uncomfortable of unknowing something, like MonoRail, I decided to find what a Framework it is. After some research I found demo (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) that opened my mind. I was really impressed of that Framework. This Framework provides strong separation of Presentation (View) and Business Logic (Controller) in ASP.NET applications. Some articles about it:
Ok. This Framework allows better maintainability, testability etc. All that looks very nice. But what is a reality? It seems this Framework is not very mature for now and developers could sometimes spend much more time developing MonoRail application than WebForm one because of there's no design-time support. Also millions of controls for WebForms available are probably much harder (if not impossible) to use with MonoRail. And all the things available in Page object are probably going to be lost (I mean native support). This is Validation, ViewState, PostBacks support etc. I could be wrong here because of I don't know MonoRail well and it is my first look at it. MonoRail has its own View Engine with its own syntax, so developers should be armed with one more language. The Engine can produce light HTML page but requires more work around (X)HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc. WebForm does lots of things for developers (often - not very good). I'm also not sure about MonoRail performance. It has no good caching support for now. At the end - any comments are very welcome! I could be totally wrong in some sentences. But this is just my first impression. Happy Coding!