Butterfly Effect 2 - Think again

Good morning! I'm in mood today. It's a beautiful weather outside, sunshine. It's warm. I love the nature around me and I love people around me. Why am I writing it? Good question, maybe because of I watched Butterfly Effect 2 yesterday. It got me to think about what we really care about... We often walk on the same street day by day and even can't see the beauty around us. We can abuse one another and next minute be really sorry for that. But it's too late. Many bad words can be told to people you really love. It's just waste of your time, energy, happiness. I suppose your angels would not like it. I believe in it and I'm trying not make them sad of me. A simple thing I want to say: people, let's make life of each other better, more happy, more beautiful. Think about what you are going to say... Just not to be sorry for that. Not to general public, but just for yourself. It's really pleasure to know that you make a man happy for just a minute... I forgot, I'm writing about Butterfly Effect movie. :) Haven't you still seen it? You should, really.