Personality Game

Today I've been in Melbourne museum and there's nice area about human brain. Just if you are not sure about you personality type follow the instructions below. Choose a letter from each question that best describes you:
  1. Are you most comfortable as quite introvert (I) or a social extrovert (E)?
  2. Do you prefer your information as detailed facts (S) or big picture ideas (N)?
  3. Do you prefer to make decisions by thinking with your head (T) or feeling with your heart (F)?
  4. Do you prefer dealing with things an orderly systematic (J) or a freely spontaneous manner (P)?
Take combination of four letters and discover you personality:
  1. ISTJ, realistic.
  2. ISFJ, harmonious.
  3. INFJ, diligent.
  4. INTJ, independent.
  5. ISTP, flexible.
  6. ISFP, committed.
  7. INFP, idealistic.
  8. INTP, focused.
  9. ESTP, pragmatic.
  10. ESFP, spontaneous.
  11. ENFP, imaginative.
  12. ENTP, ingenious.
  13. ESTJ, decisive.
  14. ESFJ, conscientious.
  15. ENFJ, empathetic.
  16. ENTJ, strategic.
That's how your personality is described in Melbourne museum and, probably, in some books.