I love RoboForm

The RoboForm is really a great tool. It allows saving web forms securely. You don't have to remember and enter passwords and other details every time on the web. You just click a button and it's done. I realized that I really cannot live without it. I found I have more than 100 logins and notes in RoboForm. So I backed it up one more time :-) It's just a pleasure to use it. You don't have to remember all your usernames (which can be different) for hundred of sites that you rarely visit. Before RoboForm era when I visited such a site I often proceeded with a password restore process. This is mainly because of I don't write any sensitive information on paper or store in PC's file PC. This means I often forgot it :-) Now it's no longer the case. I never know the password, I never type, I never think what password to choose (RoboForm can generate very complex ones). I only press a button on my toollbar. I just love it and recommend to everybody who still doesn't use it. Visit the site: http://www.roboform.com