First Australian Holidays

Christmas has gone some days ago, New Year will be at our doors in some days. I am now having my season holidays on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Very interesting and also tiresome thing is that we were driving from Melbourne to Gold Cost. It's a very long distance and it took us 2 days to get there. On the way we met friends in Sydney and took some relax. I was very glad when we had arrived to our apartments. I could fall asleep for a very long time. I just like sleeping :) Here are some photos: Gold Coast - on the way.

After some lazzy, realy lazzy days there I, at last, went for a walk around Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise. I found there Australian Shooting Academy (ASA) and decided to try small Magnum pistol. I put some of the photos into this album.

And finally today I have been in the Sea World - very nice and beautiful place. I was trying to shoot dolphins on the fly with my old K750 phone and it seems i succeeded. I couldn't believe it. There are some amazing photos with dolphins. Have a look here.

Now waiting for a New Year and will see if I'll take some more good shoots with my camera... This place is really kind of paradise... But I miss so much here one beautiful, lovely and loved person. If Nina could only be here with me... This would be a real paradise.