The Apologetic Coder

Read this if the comment below has got your interest :)
/* This is bad. Reaaly bad. It's a really, really bad hack. If you're an employee of 
 * Intertrode Communication, then I'm really, really sorry that you have to maintain
 * this. I was honestly planning on removing this tomorrow, but I've been known to 
 * forget things like this. It happens.
 * So here's the thing. I can't seem to figure out why the AccountId variable isn't 
 * set. I've looked and looked, but I gotta leave now. Anyway, I've found that I can
 * just grab the AccountID from the debugging logs.  I suppose that to fix it, you'd
 * have to locate where it's clearing out the ID.
 * Again, I'm sorry.

I like some comments there:
At least the code is thoroughly commented!!
Pre-emptive apology. The wave of the future.
I would like to hire this guy. Good laughs garanteed. He can generate new WTFs at a daily basis for team amusement.
So you wondered why you're bank's online site ran so slow?  Now you know!  ROFL
At least he was polite! And at least he didn't pretend that his solution was any good.

Just curious, where is this Intertrode Communication company :)