JavaScript Testing Tools

For now just a list. Maybe later I'll update this:
  • JsUnitTest (MIT) - based on unittest.js from prototypejs, but not depend on it.
  • JsUnit (GPL, LGPL, MPL) - essential port of JUnit..
  • YUI Test (BSD) - YUI Based. Not a port from xUnit.
  • CrossCheck (Licence?) - in-browser testing. Code will run in many different browsers, but without needing installations of those browsers (requires JVM ).
  • Selenium (Apache 2) - in-browser web application testing (simulates user actions).
  • Js-Unit-Testing (MIT)
  • RhinoUnit (BSD)
Also the TestDrivenJavascript has some useful info.
Not sure if I need to put my opinion here about all of these tools, but I will :)

I'm very sceptic about Crosscheck. Why should we introduce a browser simulator to test behaviour in a real browser. We just cannot rely on such tests.
Not sure about JsUnitTest, Js-Unit-Testing and RhinoUnit. For me there are obvious leaders in this list: YUI Testing, JsUnit for unit testing and Selenium (better for acceptance tests).