What’s around for last months

I haven’t been blogging for a while and even thought about giving it up. Sometimes I just didn't have time.
But i want to recover a bit and write at least summary of thing I would like to write about.

For now I’ll just post the summary of the most interesting/exciting thing that happened during last months. So here we go:
  • Official ASP.NET MVC Release. It still has a lot of thing to improve, but I enjoy it. I mean it. I really do. And even wrote my own library with different extensions. Also MvcContrib’s Grid is pretty exciting now (not very good with paging, filtering, sorting but still).
  • Recently release ExtJs Core. This is MIT licensed, cut version of ExtJS (whiGPL-licensed). It supports the DOM manipulations, Ajax, effects etc. Well. everything that any other JavaScript library does. Why I put this here? We need to remember that ExtJS used to LGPL licensed which allowed to deploy it. A lot of issues were raised when it became GPL licensed. So they release part of it with very permissive MIT license. Good for those to transfer from old LGPL ExtJS to this one, even if it’s cut down. (I think I would still prefer jQuery instead, they did change license to more strict once, so they can completely make it commercial).
  • A lot of talks around Google becomes evil (yep, the link is Google search:)).
  • Lightweight Test Automation Framework. Wanted to play with it. No time found.
  • IE8 has been released. Get ready to go and fix all the things on all websites. I don’t like when a new major version of any browser is released :)
  • Real-life code sample: How NOT to write a logger (have fun).
  • Free ASP.NET MVC Book.
  • ECO5 gets released soon. It seems there’s still no ability to extend operations executed on the Database Server. Linq2Eco is far from supporting everything that Linq2Sql does. All other is great.
  • Reminder. ding, ding: Most Dangerous Programming mistakes.
  • xVal – validation framework for MVC. Woth looking at.
  • AOP in Delphi – it’s better than just PostSharp because you can use the Aspects (PostSharp just postcompiles it)
  • Probably something else…
I have been working on a project with Ms Access fron-end and Sql Server back-end. I’ll write another story about it. Can tell in a short that I had a lot of fun (mostly hysterical). Sometimes I hated it, sometimes I loved. Good old client-server DOESN’T suck.

Now leaving office and going for holidays!

Happy Easter!