Enterprise Core Objects – the best news for years

I use Enterprise Core Objects all the time and I really enjoy it. There’s no other framework in the world like this one (at least I’m not aware of such).
But it has some issues when it comes to SQL. The worst limitation during long time was that most of power of it is supported in-memory. YOu can run any kind of query, but in memory. If you want to execute it in the databases (SQL)… ECO just supports small subset of in-memory operations.
For example, we cannot count number of objects InPs (In-Persistence, on the Database Server) query (Person.allInstances->size), we cannot use casting (Oreder.allInstances.Transactions->select( t | t.oclIsTypeOf(Payment))) etc.

But today my day starts really good because of the response on the forum.
I hope the In-Ps queries will be as powerful as InMemory ones. Time will show…
If it will be implemented ECO querying abilities will be much closer to ones in NHibernate. And I hope it will be more powerful some day (better soon!).

I like what Jonas said:
I have initiated work on this.

I can't promise anything for custom OclPs-operations yet.

I assume the 2nd statement puts ECO far away from NHibernate in querying abilities. Unfortunatelly… Not everything is such bright, but this is still a step forward.