How a guy was promoting a web site

I got a friendly email from a guy (I don’t know him) who was trying to promote his web site. It looked pretty new and was about sharing the developer resources.
He asked me to contribute. There are plenty of similar sites.
Next day I saw the guys is willing to chat with me in Gmail.
I wanted to know where he found me from and then see if i can help him. Yes I am often concerned where they get the email from. In fact I had number of similar situation and everybody was happy at the end of the day (they got their promotions in one or the other way, I just got “thanks” or something more material).

Here’s our short discussion. How do you like it?
At the end of it I felt like I owe him something. Ridiculous. Don’t you think so?
The part I like is that guys is talking how he liked my articles nut was not able to clarify that. Should I tell here what website it was about?
vrrave: hi
Sent at 16:40 on Wednesday
me: Hi
vrrave: how is life over there?
where ur blog man
Sent at 16:42 on Wednesday
me: pretty good, beeing busy these days.
vrrave: me to
but still i'm expecting at least a article once a week
Sent at 16:44 on Wednesday
me: Just wondering how did you find me?
vrrave: y?
you dont like to keep contact with me?
Please tell
if you are not willing...
me: No, I'm just interesting how you have found me. You sent me email with invitation to your site. So you probably get it from somewhere?
vrrave: Yes
i like ur work styles and ur articles
from the aspallaince
that y i try contact u
Sent at 16:49 on Wednesday
me: I don't remember any articles ont the aspalliance. Can you remind me?
vrrave: or codeproject?
Sent at 16:51 on Wednesday
me: nope
vrrave: ok sorry man
i will delete ur account
sorry for distrubinf u
Sent at 16:53 on Wednesday
me: So where did you get my email from?
vrrave: i think some of ur blog or ur articles

me: Do you remember which one?
vrrave: no
do one thign
search in google
u will get
(he went offline immidiately)
Sent at 16:56 on Wednesday
me: I havn't got what you wanted to talk about to me.