Impression on ASP.NET MVC 2

You probably already know that ASP.NET MVC Preview 1 has been released. You can quickly watch the video to get the impression.
Overall, I must admit, I like it. Things I like the most:
What is do DISLIKE here:
  • DataAnnotation validation support – why are we forced to apply attributes on our model. I often have situations where I cannot tell exact validation rule developing the Model. I should specify it later. No way of doing it with DataAnnotations. There MUST be an interface for custom validation provider.
  • As far as I understand (from the Release Notes) Views from Area projects should be copied over to the main project. This IS UGLY IT IS NOT REUSABLE VIEW, IT IS CUT-AND-PASTABLE VIEW with all the consequences.
And I am also not sure what the effort is involved for ViewEngines to support the new Templates. I guess, it should not be a big deal. But it needs some attention.