Prototype Game

Last weekend I’ve got the Prototype Game. I like it a lot and the game play is very enjoying. But all that came did not come such simple. After I installed the game and tried it on me Athlon XP 64 6000+ and GeForce 6500 512 MB system I had probably about 5 FPS in the game. The system still satisfies minimum requirements.
I though that my systems is already old for the game, so I upgrades CPU and graphic card to x4 Phenom 9650 and Radeon 4850 1GB graphic card. I expected at least some improvement in the game experience, to play the game at least a bit smoother… But the hardware upgrade did not change anything (at least visually I could not mention the difference).
And this is at 640x480 resolution with everything set to minimum (though there are no many options in the game itself).
I went to their forum and found that many people have performance issues with this game. And the suggestion to fix it is to disable all HID devices (USB devices) except ones in use (mouse/keyboard).
It is weird but it worked for me. Now I can play the game pretty smoothly at its max.
I probably did not need to upgrade at all. But I like the new system :). I hardly ever need the QUAD processor at home except for gaming. The rating on my Vista is 5.9 which is neither best ever score nor worst. I have 5.9 on each item in the system. On the prev system lowest score was 5.4: HDD; 5.6 - Memory. After upgrading CPU and graphic card I got 5.9 on every item. So far so good. Waiting for the next hungry game.
And one more time, I really enjoy the game… Even knowing that I don’t like so much killing and stuff like that.