IT holidays (Official and not)

It turns out there are a lot IT holidays out there. So we can make celebration pretty often :)
Here is the list:
  • International Day without Internet (last Sunday of January). It is intended to have one day with no computer, internet. Just be offline and go and visit your relatives, friends; go to park etc.
  • Day of secure Internet (1st Tuesday of February). The aim is to inform users about security issues in world wide web.
  • Computer geek day (February 14). The day of people in love with computers… If seriously, it is the day when (14 February, 1946) the first electronic digital computer (ENIAC) was launched which actually worked, and even performed calculations (ballistic tables of the U.S. Army). And BTW this is my birthday… What a coincident :)
  • Overclocker day (28 February or 29th on the overclocked year). This seems to be born in Russia in 2004.  Not much to add to this. Every gamer knows what overclkocking is.
  • IT-Professional day (28 February). Invention of network cable. Just another reason to have couple of drinks with colleagues.
  • Day of freedom of speech in Internet (12 March). Initiated by UNESCO as part of “Reporters without Borders” program on 12 March 2008. The aim is to support Internet descendants who might be in prison. Organisers ask to to give your NO to the censure in the Internet.
  • Shutdown Day (24 March). For the first time this holiday was celebrated March 24, 2007. That day a call came to shut down as many computers as possible arround the world. The purpose of is to find out how many people can survive a day without a computer. The authors of this idea are programmers who live in Montreal (Canada), Denis Bystrov (born in Belarus) and Ashutosh Rajekar (born in India).
  • RuNet Birthday (7 April). On the 7th of April 1994  The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) had registered the domain .ru for Russia.
  • Cryptographic service day (5 May). The service was organised in Russia in 1921 to empower security of communications within Russia and outside of it.
  • International Day of Information Society (IT-Day, 17 May). UN recognises it as a day of all IT geeks (software devs, admins, Internet providers, web-designers etc) since 2006. The same day, 17 May, but 1865 International Telegraph Union was established in France.
  • Sys Admin day (last Friday of July). This idea came to mind of sys-admin from Chicago (Ted Kekatos). First celebrated on 28 July 2000. BTW, Pope of Rome, the same year, officially called St. Issidor (clarification?) the governor of all computer and internet users.
  • Tester’s day (9 September). This day 1945 in Harvard university a butterfly was found in Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator during the testing. It got the start for this day.
  • Developer’s day (256th days of a year). Professional day of a developer celebrated on the symbolic, 256th day of the year. The idea came from Russian developer Valentin Balt. This day became official in Russia only since 2009, but was celebrated since 2002.
  • Smiley birthday (19 September). On 19 September 1982 professor from Scott E. Fahlman from Carnegie Mellon University first time suggested to use three symbols :-) to be interpreted as a smiling face. Nowadays these symbols are used everywhere.
  • International Day Of Internet (30 September). This holiday was offered to become official several times at different times. However, none of the suggested dates did not become a tradition. As for Russia, at the informal level, the Day of the Internet is September 30. Such an initiative came from the Moscow company, "IT Infoart Stars".
  • International Day of Information (26 November). Initiated my International Academy of Infromatisation. Any person dealing with information in any kind can celebrate this day.
  • International day of information protection (30 November). This holiday is celebrated from November 30, 1988 at the initiative of the American Association of computer equipment. The purpose is to remind everyone of the need to protect computer information, drawing attention of producers and users of hardware and software security problems. It was a in 1988, was recorded first mass epidemic of computer virus. It was a worm, named in honor of its author Morris.
  • Birthday of computer science in Russia (4 December). In August 1948, reporter, member of AN USSR Isaac Brook together with engineer Bashir Rameevym presented the project of automatic computing machines. A Dec. 4, 1948 State Committee of the Council of Ministers introduced the advanced technology and registered this invention under the number 10475, entitled "Digital electronic calculating machine”.
Translated and shortened from here.