Screencasts for this weekend

This weekend I was watching the screencasts instead of Sunday movies. It left me with a lot of inspiration and impressions. So I thought I would share the stuff you might also be interested in:

  1. ASP.NET MVC vs Ruby on Rails - The .NET Rocks Smackdown
  2. Why Ruby?
  3. Testing C# and ASP.NET Applications with Ruby
  4. Ruby for .NET developers (Scott Belware is awesome BTW)
  5. Riding IronRuby On Rails


Other things are:

  1. MonoTouch DeepDive
  2. Meet Rails 3 by PeepCode (a producer of high-quality screencasts)

I think if you are a software engineer with open mind then you do need to watch some of the videos. This is especially true if you are a .NET developer who wants to explore other areas and technologies.