What I've learned from Scottish RubyConf

I watched the videos from the Scottish RubyConf 2010 and thought I could share some interesting moments as simple notes. So there you go:

Harmony for browser testing

Capybara.driver = :rack_test # uses Harmony and can run JS

Good talk about Arel: 1LT_04-mp4_500mbs.mp4

Rack GeoIP.
Rack GoogleAnalytics
Rack::Cache (standard)

Server side include to render page without parts of content that fail
(Nginx + Rack)

EvenMachine:: WebSockets add-on uses JS like API.
Other options:
-cramp (higher level websocket)

Initialise multiple variables in JS:
var a = 1, b = 2, noInitialised;
jQuery has "end" method to go up in the chain.

:copen - opens the console output
f - find next occurence of char in this line
dap - delete paragraph
cap - change
yap - yank
ytCHAR - yank from here to next CHAR
Ctrl-v - visual block mode
:split, :sp, :vspilt, :vsp - split into 2 wins
ls - list buffers touched
q1, q2, q3... - record macro into register
@1, @2, @3... - play the macro from register

:R - Rails related file
:A - Rails alternate file
:Rextract - Rails partial extract
Shift-k - integrated Ruby ri

figutive.vim - more extensions: Glog, Gblame, Gstatus, Gdiff, Ggrep etc
nerdtree.vim - files tree view
unimpaired.vim - auto-brackets
Hashrocket configured Vim at Github hashrocket/dotmatrix
Vimium, Vimperator - Vim in browser
Remotely connect and pair in Vim

UTF-8 is backwards compatible with ASCII
Ruby doesn't know about UTF-16 - it's messy

Globalization TODO:
- Do same as .NET CultureInfo
- Do different ways to localize different kinds of langs

You can generate UML model of Rails model using:
railroad -M | dot Tpng > model.png
uml dumper

- rake stats # LOCs
- FLOG Weighting the code AST - Assignment Branch Condition (ABC)
- FLAY - code similarities
- Saikuro - cyclomatic complexity
- Roodi - design issues
- Reek - design issues and specific smells
- Churn - changes to file with Git
- Rcov - test coverage
- Heckle - test coverage with code mutation
- metric_fu

You can also grab the Gist. Hope you find some moment useful.